Physician Records of births Boundary County Idaho 1922

Births of Boundary County, Idaho

These records are an index to the Physician records found on microfilm #1535439 at the Idaho State Historical Archives, in Boise, Idaho. They are listed by the order in which they were filmed, and not alphabetically. They are left in the original order to make it easier to find the correct place in the microfilm when photocopies are needed. These are usually in order of birthdate, but may be up to a year out of order.

Two types of forms were used, the main difference being that one asked for the sex of the child and one did not. Sometimes the form was used listing the sex, but that line was left blank. This can usually be guessed accurately from the name of the child. Several were found not listing either the sex or the name.

To easily find the surname you are researching, use "Find," usually found under the Edit menu at the top left of your screen. These records cover 1922. Remember that all of these records are hand written, and some are hard to read.

If you find an error in your family's records, please let us know.

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Date Location Child's
Sex Father Mother
Maiden Name
Section #33
28 Sep 1922 Bonners Ferry Robt Eugene M G. E. Adamson Clara Dagnie
17 May 1922 Lenia Betty Rose F Henry S. Oakes Gertrude Ethel Witt
5 Sep 1922 Lenia Del Roy M Wm Bender Fay Loretta Duncan
7 Oct 1922 Bonners Ferry David M Roy E. Alexander Charlotte Bartlett
15 Oct 1922 Bonners Ferry Olive Rose F Walter Castre Lolo Farmer
6 Oct 1922 Eastport Adelia Lucille F Edward C. Phillips Etta A. Crandell
8 Oct 1922 Bonners Ferry Wilma Jane F Wm J. McGlocklin Ella May Coope
17 Oct 1922 Bonners Ferry Edna Frances F Perley H. Wheeler Eva Williams
15 Oct 1922 Bonners Ferry   M Sherman C. Hemstreet Mildred V. Stonechest
26 Oct 1922 Bonners Ferry Marion Milton M Roy Edwood House Edna G. Burke
19 Oct 1922 Bonners Ferry Irene Hisae F Frank Inone Matsu Tuzi
31 Oct 1922 Bonners Ferry Benton Clifford M Oscar G. Bangs Stella Stoos
5 Nov 1922 Bonners Ferry Eleanor Bessie F Harry W. Bliss Laura Cash
4 Nov 1922 Bonners Ferry Jeanne F Douglas M. Palmer Myrtle Sullivan
7 Nov 1922 Bonners Ferry Fredrick M Thos Ammerman Myrtha Dutton
14 Nov 1922 Bonners Ferry Cora Marie F Allmer Grunerud Rosine Virak
16 Nov 1922 McArthur Gladys Elizabeth F Ashley Nudd Cora Wismer
16 Nov 1922 Bonners Ferry Betty June F Thos Russel Johnson Annie Katherine Perry
17 Nov 1922 Bonners Ferry George William M John Crowley Fern Collins
25 Nov 1922 Bonners Ferry William Clarence M Axel Johnson Pauline Soderlund
22 Nov 1922 Bonners Ferry Ralph Kenneth M Thos. Maughn Hazel Harmon
29 Nov 1922 Bonners Ferry Rosa Marie F Claude Milton Fry Alta Wanetta Dutton
26 Nov 1922 Bonners Ferry Frances Jean F Frank Joseph Bear Eliza Jane Guthrie
19 Nov 1922 Bonners Ferry Lester M John Harrisone Poston Alice Mary Gillard
5 Nov 1922 Bonners Ferry Nancy (Indian) F Simon Francis Catharine Daniel

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