Physician Records of births Boundary County, Idaho 1916 to 1918

Births of Boundary County, Idaho

These records are an index to the Physician records found on microfilm #1535439 at the Idaho State Historical Archives, in Boise, Idaho. They are listed by the order in which they were filmed, and not alphabetically. They are left in the original order to make it easier to find the correct place in the microfilm when photocopies are needed. These are usually in order of birthdate, but may be up to a year out of order.

Two types of forms were used, the main difference being that one asked for the sex of the child and one did not. Sometimes the form was used listing the sex, but that line was left blank. This can usually be guessed accurately from the name of the child. Several were found not listing either the sex or the name.

To easily find the surname you are researching, use "Find," usually found under the Edit menu at the top left of your screen. These records cover 1916, 1917, part of 1918, and one record each from 1904 and 1937. Remember that all of these records are hand written, and some are hard to read.

If you find an error in your family's records, please let us know.

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Date Location Child's
Sex Father Mother
Maiden Name
Section #13
5 Jan 1916 Bonners Ferry Arthur Brewster M William Dunning Anne Olson
7 Jan 1916 Bonners Ferry Bertram Robt. M Frank C. Bruce Elizabeth Roberts
__ Jan 1916 Bonners Ferry Richard Stewart M Don Lawrence Mabel Hider
22 Jan 1916 Bonners Ferry Arne John M Hesborg? Dahlen Mierid? Johnson
28 Jan 1916 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Geo Irving Elizabeth Phere
28 Jan 1916 Bonners Ferry Agnes Bertha F Martin Casperson Marie Dieson
28 Jan 1916 Bonners Ferry Dorothy Florence F Warland Ritchey Lena Carter
7 Feb 1916 Naples Not Listed F Andrew Lunde Helda Flor
Section #14
16 Jan 1916 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F Ray Houck Dora Pearson
11 Feb 1916 Bonners Ferry Margaret Alla F Oliver C. Wilson Margaret Bottom
19 Feb 1916 Bonners Ferry Earl Edison M Ralph C. Clapp Agnes May Tesarik
4 Feb 1916 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M John F. Hamer_c Hulda Edwards
29 Feb 1916 Bonners Ferry Anna Marie F Chas H. Wyatt Georgiana Parker
29 Feb 1916 Bonners Ferry Wanda Mary F Arthur E. Wells Ada Bellows
15 Mar 1916 Bonners Ferry Henry Russell M E. Mare Hubble Nellie Poston
17 Mary 1916 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F Wm McCoss Mary Shaub
24 Mar 1916 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Thos. Solomon Alfreda Smith
7 Feb 1916 Bonners Ferry Died at Birth   Seanand Bone Maria Bonnis
15 Mar 1916 Bonners Ferry Estella May F Ralph Lester Cooper Lucy Newton
29 Mar 1916 Bonners Ferry Harold Richard M Joel Douglas Mae Snyder
22 Mar 1916 Addie Ruby Great? F Alfred Stoncklift Elide Carlson
1 Mar 1916 Bonners Ferry James Mitchell M Harry Pearson Emma Restoule
28 Nov 1904 Copeland Cary Selden M Cary Selden Heth Catharine Louise Plunkett
9 Apr 1916 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Archibald R. Huff Julia Elliff
21 Apr 1916 Bonners Ferry Beatrice Exa F Jesse E. Finney Agnes Cussiart
24 Apr 1916 Bonners Ferry Clara Mary F Milton A. Peck Catharine E. Guss
25 Mar 1916 Bonners Ferry Ella F Frank H. Cole Leta Robertson
28 Apr 1916 Bonners Ferry Arthur Esher M Noah Labrosse Alexina Mayer
24 Feb 1916 Bonners Ferry Thomas Wm. Francis   Thomas Maughan Hazel Harmon
13 May 1916 Bonners Ferry Chauncey   Chauncey Ruoll Jessie Linsey
4 May 1916 Bonners Ferry Not Listed   Herbert Carlson Hilda Westerlund
20 May 1916 Bonners Ferry Not Listed   Walter R. Cole Eva Rues
Section #15
19 Jun 1916 Bonners Ferry Not Listed   Don Guiles Gladys Burns
23 Jun 1916 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F David Patrick Josephine Doyle
18 Jun 1916 Bonners Ferry Evelyn June   Jay Anderson Daisy Dykes
10 Jul 1916 Bonners Ferry Florence Exilda F John H. Poston Alice Gilliard
18 Jun 1916 Eastport Imako F Kakuma Kadya Ise Kadya
24 Oct 1916 Bonners Ferry Grace Hilda   S.T. Engelsgaard Sarah E. Lloyd
8 Sep 1916 Copeland Vera Dorris Emmely F Alfred C. Warner Leurica Kendrick
15 Jul 1916 Bonners Ferry June Clementine F Frank Robt Maggie Eaton
18 Jul 1916 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Leslie Richardson Ellen Knapp
25 Jul 1916 Bonners Ferry Roswell M Frank Bottom Lorraine Percival
28 Jul 1916 Bonners Ferry Elenore f Timothy J. Callaghan Anna Fletcher
6 Aug 1916 Bonners Ferry Cora Alice   Sam Peterson Anna Hanson
14 Aug 1916 Naples Olive Margaret F Chas.E. Honsinger Mabel Richardson
17 Aug 1916 Bonners Ferry Daniel David M John W. O'Brian Rose Holliday
25 Aug 1916 Bonners Ferry Victor Ray Albert M Albert Sundsmo Anna Siegel
29 Aug 1916 Bonners Ferry Beatrice Lucile F J. Frank Gillard Georgia Andre
14 Aug 1916 Bonners Ferry Norman Clay & Neil Edmund, Twins M, M Robt. C. Hawks Clara Rath
16 Sep 1916 Bonners Ferry George Edwin M Chas. Knight Clara Castle
13 Sep 1916 Bonners Ferry Wallace M Morris G. Walter Mary Cheroenka
28 Sep 1916 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Vern Callaghan Nora Lindsay
13 Oct 1916 Bonners Ferry Idaho F Carl Graff Mary Saterlund
3 Oct 1916 Bonners Ferry Martin Wm M Anthony Miller Martha Kelley
22 Oct 1916 Naples Leslie M J. A. Morice Mae Browning
14 Oct 1916 Bonners Ferry Frances Geraldean F Frank Edmunds Margaret Chisholm
The following are copies of the state issued birth certificates. They contain basically the same information as the Physician Records. This is a new unnumbered section, that comes between #15, and #17, followed by #16. There is no section #18
30 Oct 1917 Bonners Ferry Geraldine Merle F Gen W. Smith Juanita Crawford
5 Nov 1917   Florence Louise F Frank E. McGill Marie E. Rolls
6 Dec 1917   Marjorie Louise F LeRoy Hamilton Lexus Handley
20 Jul 1917   Isabell Mandy F Thos T. Ames Ida M. Dild
19 May 1917 Eastport Makis & Masus, Twins M, M Hanjiro Akiyama Rin Tomiyama
6 Dec 1917 B-2 Gordon Edward M Edward Bishop Hariette Louise Plummer
29 Oct 1917 Addie John Silvan Frank M Grover Cleveland Phillips Violet Bell Weaver
28 Dec 1917   Helene Jeanette F Martin E. Peterson Sadie Kindschuk
15 Dec 1917   Margaret Maude F James Mohr Eunice D'Arcy
The following two certificates for the twins are dated 1918, but found with the Dec 1917 certificates.
31 Dec 1918   Bruce Osman & John Oswell, Twins M, M James Henry Burns Mabel Hall
5 Oct 1917 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Rufus A. Hatchett Teresa Simmons
13 Jan 1918   Josephine Ellen F Bertram E. Kennison Amy Dobson
22 Jan 1918 Bonners Ferry Axel Elmer M Axel Johnson Lena Soderlund
29 Jan 1918   Not Listed F Asa W. Dorrah Margaret Harding
3 Feb 1918   Harold Eivind M Harburg Dahlen Ingrid Johnson
4 Feb 1918   Edna Margaret F Oren Chandler Emma Sager
6 Feb 1918   Wm. Franklin M Wm F. Kinnear Iva Jaquette
8 Feb 1918   Phillip Ray M Marion J. Page Edna Cobb
The following certificate was torn in half, and is from 1937.
__May 1937 Bonners Ferry Othelo Clay M Emery Earl Tomlinson Kathleen
The following are Physician Birth Records, in Section #17 (Sections are out of order.)
27 Apr 1917 Bonners Ferry Phyllis F Perry E. Ayers Ruth Payne
2 May 1917 McArthur Wm Henry M Walter Darrow Ida Carlson
4 May 1917 Bonners Ferry David Mervin M Milton A. Peck Kathleen E. Guss
10 May 1917 Bonners Ferry Dorothy May F Dudley Harris Mamie Davidson
25 May 1917 Bonners Ferry Lyle Lavern M Elmer Perry Hazel Pritchard
2 Jun 1917 Moravia Lucile F Leslie Malosh Emma Weiss
12 Jun 1917 Naples Arnold Carsten M Knut Krogseth Enne Flor
17 Mar 1917 Meadow Creek Henry Even M Harrison L. Borden Mabel Cocks
17 May 1917 Addie Thornton Chas. M Wm Oscar Murphy Hilda Augusta Skoglund
16 Jun 1917 Bonners Ferry Earl Francis M James Lee Williams Enid E. Delop
21 Jun 1917 Bonners Ferry Inez Irene F Fred Gumaer Cora Dunn
9 Aug 1917 Meadow Creek Myrl Myron M Clarence H. Fisks Glennie A. Smith
26 Jul 1917 Bonners Ferry Ora Cordial F Adine Lloyd Fuller Maude E. Forrest
21 Jul 1917 Bonners Ferry Kenneth Walter M Arvid C. Erickson Levina Senical
30 Jun 1917 Moravia Not Listed M Joe Hoagland Emma Quindelor
8 Jul 1917 Bonners Ferry Helen Ruth F Joe Douglas Mae Snyder
7 Jul 1917 Bonners Ferry John Edward M Michael McNichols Catherine Clyne
2 Jul 1917 Bonners Ferry Evelyn Hope F Arthur Pelligram Hattie Rollo
31 Aug 1917 Bonners Ferry Clara Ester F John P. Hoffman Clara G. __memenn
2 Sep 1917 Eastport Paul M Eneas E. Melior Anna Morrill
18 Sep 1917 Bonners Ferry Warren M Wm. Warrick Gertrude Woods
17 Sep 1917 Bonners Ferry Trenice Albert M Louis K. Bush Bessie Eaton
19 Oct 1917 Bonners Ferry Richard Harvey M Olaf R. Stookey Katharine McPhail
2 Oct 1917 Bonners Ferry Avis Irene F Alva Clyde Travis Lenora Hill
18 Aug 1917 Meadow Creek Velma Louise F Walter Glenn Mabel J. Hockett
Section #16 (Sections are out of order.)
21 Oct 1916 Bonners Ferry Geo. Arthur M Geo. B. Hurry Agnes Elliott
28 Oct 1916 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F Asa W. Dorrah Margaret Harding
15 Jun 1916 McArthur Wm. Woodrow M James D. Carey Gertrude Graham
7 Dec 1916 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Sylvester M. Skeels Bertha Fling
10 Dec 1916 Bonners Ferry Mamie Angelina F Frank Ferraro Annie Mirabelli
24 Jun 1917 Bonners Ferry Wayne Albert M Wm M. Harris Frida Graybill
23 Dec 1916 Bonners Ferry Corene Agnes   Earnest Mayer Matilda Gillard
29 Dec 1916 Meadow Creek Not Listed   J. M. Conley Myrtle Tucker
20 Jan 1917 Meadow Creek Not Listed   Chas. Washburn Nellie Johnson
29 Jan 1917 Bonners Ferry Chas Woodrow M John A. Fogelsong Irene Walker
29 Mar 1917 Bonners Ferry Frances F Chas W Gunther Harriet Etta Smith
27 Mar 1917 Bonners Ferry Dorothy Mae F John O'Keefe Barbara Cheroenka
23 Dec 1916 McArthur Ethel Evelyn F Wm. Wright Davis Evelyn Bell Zorris
28 Dec 1916 Bonners Ferry Nancy F Thos E. Montgomery Polly Artimese Parker
26 Dec 1916 Bonners Ferry Wm Joseph M Jesse Bryan Penrod Helen Weddick
12 Jan 1917 Bonners Ferry Ellen Eleanor F Gust Anderson Adla Swan
31 Jan 1917 Bonners Ferry Mae Ruth F Henry Wendell Mary Golbach
6 Apr 1917 Bonners Ferry Jean Ellsworth M Edwin B. Spurling Florence E. Miller
31 Jan 1917 Bonners Ferry Telford Hilling M Leonard Bone Mona Briner
6 Apr 1917 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Sam Chappell Margaret L. Fuller
14 Apr 1917 Bonners Ferry Leo Douglas M Douglas Mills Palmer Myrtle Sullivan
20 Jan 1917 Bonners Ferry Frank Monroe M Harry Danforth Golda Nooneen
7 Mar 1917 Bonners Ferry Lloyd Eugene Hamren M   Mamie Hamren
Section #19
29 Jan 1918 Bonners Ferry Vivian Lenore   Mark Poston Annie Foss
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