Marriage Records of Boundary County, Idaho

Boundary County, Idaho Marriage Records

These records are from 1916 through 1927

2016 editors note: This page was created by Ellie Grover years ago, there are no notes as to where she found these marriage records, we can only assume that they came same IHS microfilms that she indexed the births and naturalizations from.

We post them now, just as Ellie always said, to hopefully provide clues for your family research.


Groom                                  Bride                    Date

Ambrogini, Virgilio      & Esther Peterson         1 July 1916
Ayers, Perry E             & Ruth G. Payne            29 Aug 1916
Arvan, James J.           & Myrtle E. Bailey        24 Mar 1917
Aldrich, F. H.                & Addie V. Norton        28 Aug 1917
Anderson, H. E.            & Ruby Bidwell             30 Nov 1919
Ashby, A. B.                 & Emma Welshko         16 Jun 1920
Atkins, James B           & Nellie Overacher      18 Aug 1920
Anderson, Evon L        & Cranston, Gladys      13 Sep 1923
Atkins, George F         & McDonald, Naomi     20 Feb 1924
Andre, Raymond          & Peters, Adela             31 Mar 1924