Physician Records of births Boundary Co., Idaho 1920 1921 1922

Births of Boundary County, Idaho

These records are an index to the Physician records found on microfilm #1535439 at the Idaho State Historical Archives, in Boise, Idaho. They are listed by the order in which they were filmed, and not alphabetically. They are left in the original order to make it easier to find the correct place in the microfilm when photocopies are needed. These are usually in order of birthdate, but may be up to a year out of order.

Two types of forms were used, the main difference being that one asked for the sex of the child and one did not. Sometimes the form was used listing the sex, but that line was left blank. This can usually be guessed accurately from the name of the child. Several were found not listing either the sex or the name.

To easily find the surname you are researching, use "Find," usually found under the Edit menu at the top left of your screen. These records cover part of 1920, 1921, and 1922. Remember that all of these records are hand written, and some are hard to read. If you find an error in your family's records, please let me know. The spelling may different from what your family uses, however, we prefer to use the spelling used on the original record.

If you find an error in your family's records, please let us know.

Contact us to request photocopies of the original record.

Date Location Child's
Sex Father Mother
Maiden Name
Booket #28
21 Oct 1920 Copeland Korine Olive F Walter E. Smith Della Guthrie
23 Oct 1920 Bonners Ferry Minerva Marie F Chas Wm Dunn Laura May Smith
24 Oct 1920 Bonners Ferry Jas. Gordon M Robt Burns Bruce Lenora Pearson
13 Oct 1921 Bonners Ferry Thomas Geo.   Claude Currey Rita Kincaid
  Bonners Ferry     Rufus A. Hatchett P. Simmons
26 May 1920 Bonners Ferry Eugene Harry M Harry C E O'Brian Beatrice B. Bonington
20 Nov 1920 Bonners Ferry Barney Blanchard Jr M Barney B. Loomis Carrie Ester Dowdell
7 Nov 1920 Bonners Ferry Chas. David M Chas. Woods Edith Welby
18 Sep 1920 Bonners Ferry Laurie F Harry Stockton May Smith
19 Nov 1920 Meadow Creek Boyd M Wm C. Howard Mary Helena Swanson
1 Nov 1920 Bonners Ferry Mary Alice F Andrew J. Brown Marioletta Hanratty
6 Dec 1920 Bonners Ferry   M Wm Everitt Sarah Holton
7 Mar 1920 Bonners Ferry Hazel Clarice F Albert H. Sweeney Lucile Bowler
20 Dec 1920 Bonners Ferry Marcus Eugene M Marcus Scott Poston Annie Foss
12 Dec 1920 Bonners Ferry Norma Irene F Jos. Earl VanEtton Alta Bliss
21 Dec 1920 Bonners Ferry Myrtle F Wm S. Mackie Ivy Lucha
28 Dec 1920 Bonners Ferry Wilfred Francis M John Smith Frances Chewenska
3 Jan 1921 Bonners Ferry Geninivive Olive F Chas Washburn Nellie Johnson
17 Jan 1921 Bonners Ferry Chas. ARthur M Carl Nickolinsen Lily Watson
8 Jan 1921 Bonners Ferry Donald James M Jas Lee Williams Enid Dunlap
20 Jan 1921 Bonners Ferry Roy Donald M Ralph M Castle Caroline Kuehl
18 Jan 1921 Bonners Ferry Grant Winfield M John M. Moe Emma Swensen
19 Jan 1921 Bonners Ferry Gerald Aaron M Harry Park Dunn Arvilla L. Clark
22 Jan 1921 Bonners Ferry Chas David M Geo. M. Oxford Nadine Lain
Booklet #29
23 Jan 1921 Bonners Ferry Donald Jean M Thos. Maughan Hazel Herman
26 Jan 1921 Moravia Doris Maxine F Chas Jean Florea Lettie New
31 Jan 1921 Bonners Ferry Charlotte Clarice F Richard Ewing Clarice Morgan
2 Feb 1921 Bonners Ferry Carlyle Julian M Leon Stone Grace Bucher
10 Feb 1921 Bonners Ferry Raymond Daniel M Daniel F. Rookey May M. Galvin
19 Feb 1921 Bonners Ferry Margaret F Gust Broten Anna Anderson
17 Feb 1921 Bonners Ferry Glenn Eugene M Walley Ray Purdy Gladys Fitz
22 Feb 1921 Bonners Ferry Betty Jean F Percival Guy Neill Marjorie Howard
21 Feb 1921 Bonners Ferry Dorothy Marie   John Leibricht Lea Northrup
25 Feb 1921 Bonners Ferry John Wm M Roy Walty Florence Watson
24 Feb 1921 Bonners Ferry Evelyn Ruth   Oscar Fry Kinan or Kiman Olga Falk
28 Feb 1921 Bonners Ferry Gladys Sylvia F Henry Torske Anne E, Kanikkeberg
2 Mar 1921 Bonners Ferry Herbert Kenneth M Einar Mikkelsen Mille Olsen
15 Mar 1921 Bonners Ferry Albert Eugene M John H. Johnson Elenora Lewis
16 Feb 1921 Porthill Lucinda Adaline   Everett V. Edwards Elvina Jones
11 Feb 1921 Porthill John McQueen   Duncan J. Cameron Ruth A. Chisholm
11 Mar 1921 Bonners Ferry Jackson Monroe M Jennings Bryan Hubbard Neva Jones
22 Mar 1921 Bonners Ferry Evelyn Irlene McGlocklin F Edwin Earl Peterson Lylyan Toline McGlocklin
19 Mar 1921 Bonners Ferry Caroline Marie F Frank Wesley Bond Esther C. Manning
31 Mar 1921 Moravia Katharine F Angus McBain Josephine R. McIntosh
1 Apr 1921 Moravia Harold Curtis M Harold D. Casey Mattie Keene
2 Apr 1921 Bonners Ferry Constance Ruth F Edward G. Bishop Etta Plummer
30 Mar 1921 Bonners Ferry Ollie May F Jacob A. Sheets Mary E. Bardwell
24 Mar 1921 Indian Village Mary Sophie F Louis (no surname listed) Annie Eugene
2 Apr 1921 Indian Villiage Pierre M Pierre Andrew Magdalene Frances
Booklet #30          
18 Apr 1921 Bonners Ferry Allan Newton M Leonard Lewis Knoles Ida Shafer
19 Apr 1921 Bonners Ferry Jeanile May F Jack Delbert Williams Elma Bliss
12 Apr 1921 Port Hill   F Harley King Annie J. Johnson
21 Apr 1921 Bonners Ferry Margaret Louise F Robt. Taber Laurie Hilborn
29 Apr 1921 Copeland Ellis Francis M Bryce Chapin Gloria Ellis
19 Feb 1921 Bonners Ferry Hazel Marian F Grant Water Mary Cheromka(?)
3 May 1921 Bonners Ferry Phyllis F Douglas S. Rains Vivian M. Northey
7 May 1921 Bonners Ferry Everett Eugene M Everett Burnett Luce Margaret Bristow
5 May 1921 McArthur Not listed M Truman Edgar Sage Lena Frone
13 May 1921 Bonners Ferry Warren Burdette M Sol. Bowman Florence Hoagland
26 May 1921 Bonners Ferry May Margaret   Ray Andrew Penner Bertha Lavery
24 May 1921 Bonners Ferry Roberta Marie F Stanley Jos. Jarvis Rose C. Dunning
24 May 1921 Bonners Ferry Wilma Margaret F Lorne J. Jones Dora Pearson
1 Jun 1921 Bonners Ferry Marie Margaret F Starburg Dahlen Alma Ingered
8 May 1921 Bonners Ferry   M Archie Shall __ Saloot
1 Jun 1921 Naples Tressa F Peter Thompson Marie Hatland
1 Jun 1921 Bonners Ferry Lloyd Donald M Lloyd M. Baker Vernalia Werner
8 Jun 1921 Naples Gertrude Eloise F Thos. Allen Florence Hintorn
9 Jun 1921 Bonners Ferry Albert Jr. M Albert Sandsmo Al... Seigl
10 Jun 1921 Lenia James Martin M Chas. Edwin Johnson Emma Mock
11 Jun 1921 Bonners Ferry Donald Andrew M Wm. Fred. Schaeffner Dora Wanda Barker
14 Jun 1921 Bonners Ferry Lawrence Frederik M Walter Robt. Cole Eva Aner
16 Jun 1921 Meadow Creek Elma Jean F Walter Glen Mabel Hockett
16 Jun 1921 Bonners Ferry Robt Berger M Francis E. Berger Beulah Fay Gentzlav
22 Jun 1921 Moravia Eldon Lynn M Otto Roy Clark Blanche New
26 Jun 1921 Bonners Ferry Fredrick Holmer M Irving Chas. Durose Lily Holms
21 Jun 1921 Moravia   F Walter Lee Ames Ethel Julie Brown
29 Jun 1921 Bonners Ferry Alva Lee Perry F Archie Keith Perry Amy G. Fry
13 Jul 1921 Lenia   M Harry Holmquist Bernice Smith
14 Jul 1921 Meadow Creek Iva Viola F Arthur A. Bissill Emma Brimmer
19 Jul 1921 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F Thos. Martin Anna Nelson
10 Jul 1921 Bonners Ferry Karl A. Jr. M Karl A. Klehm Mary Bond
18 Jul 1921 Copeland Adeline Bernice F Earl A. Cook Villa Raidsback
11 Jul 1921 Copeland Frank Richard M Chauncey E. Guthrie Sr. Josephine Blar
19 Jul 1921 Bonners Ferry Arthur M Robert Stringer Mildred Roberts
21 Jul 1921 Bonners Ferry Mary Ellen F Geo. Clinton Moore Mary Ellen Dobson
3 Aug 1921 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F Jos. Kessler Viola LaFountain
3 Aug 1921 Bonners Ferry Edward Frank   Ernest Mayer Matilda Gilliard
20 Aug 1921 Bonners Ferry Hazel Grace F John Crowley Edith Fern Collins
29 Aug 1921 Bonners Ferry Eugene Channing M Udo Nagel Annie Clare Weldrum
30 Aug 1921 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Fred Bert Swaney Agnes Hooper
31 Aug 1921 Bonners Ferry Dorothy Helen F Louis Bucher Johanna Roth
3 Sept 1921 Bonners Ferry Earl Albert M Henry Bernstein Ella Haworth
10 Aept 1921 Bonners Ferry Evelyn Bernice F Arthur Mercer Mamie Hamren
15 Sept 1921 Bonners Ferry Helen Kikuko F Fred M. Tsudaka Teiko Oka
19 Sept 1921 Bonners Ferry Della Mae F Claude Milton Fry Alta Wanita Dutton
22 Sept 1921 Moravia Raymond Otto M Otto Craig Hazel King
18 Sept 1921 Bonners Ferry Vernon Dewilton M Walter A. Watters Cora F. Drennan
26 Sept 1921 Bonners Ferry Edgar Clifford M John Howard Koffel Ina A. Wells
23 Sept 1921 Bonners Ferry Blanche Irene F Al Chas. Leever Jane Adella
23 Sept 1921 Bonners Ferry Jos. Edward M Earl Leroy Flory Not Listed
24 Sept 1921 Bonners Ferry Renan Lee M Glen Paul Stickler Thelma Taylor
26 Sept 1921 Bonners Ferry Arthur Glenn M Glenn King Maude Wylet
15 Jul 1921 Bonners Ferry Margaret Mary F Jos. B. Sharpe Elizabeth Dupley
Booklet #31          
1 Oct 1921 Bonners Ferry Helen May F Roland John Clark Jessie Mae Davis
2 Oct 1921 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F James Roden Luella Stevens
6 Oct 1921 Bonners Ferry Marjorie Iona F Ervin Eddie Harding Maisie Tuoner
9 Oct 1921 Naples Edith Mae F Geo. Phillips Alda Smith
24 Oct 1921 Naples Lawrence M Eva Cossairt
21 Oct 1921 Addie Wm Harold M Robert Elmer Berry Grace Margaret Coman
2 Nov 1921 Bonners Ferry Vivian Mary F Martin Edwards Julia Owen
2 Oct 1921 Bonners Ferry Isaac (Indian)   Adrian David Cecelia Joseph
31 Oct 1921 Bonners Ferry Marjorie LeVaughn F Chester E. Baker Marion Haltiner
28 Oct 1921 Bonners Ferry Evalina Almeda F Louie Kemtzer Lyda Hubbard
28 Oct 1921 Bonners Ferry Marjorie Mae F Scott Soule Ruth Spurling
27 Nov 1921 Bonners Ferry Lulu Genevive F Oscar Johnson Lulu Stone
29 Nov 1921 Bonners Ferry Helen Jeanette F Geo. Irving Elizabeth Phare
30 Nov 1921 Naples Alma Louise F Walter Ott Bertha Snyder
13 Nov 1921 Bonners Ferry Mildred Irene F Chauncey Elmer Guthrie Marjorie C. Olds
29 Nov 1921 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Ivan F. Anderson Mabel Harner
7 Dec 1921 Bonners Ferry Ada Murrell F Edward C. Maxwell Eunice J. Chambers
8 Dec 1921 Bonners Ferry Harold Thos. M Thos. J. Buck Lorena Rosetta Minkley
28 Dec 1921 Bonners Ferry Marie Adelaide   Chas. Dunn May Smith
29 Dec 1921 Bonners Ferry Agnes Marie F Edward Anton Vold Mary Alice Parker
5 Dec 1921 Eastport Burton Ellsworth M Ellsworth Gray Ethel Rhodes
12 Dec 1921 Bonners Ferry Allan Hubert M Frank Clark Howe Maggie May Collins
18 Dec 1921 Bonners Ferry Carl George Raymond M Fred Bert Warberg Caroline Nellie Storkson
19 Dec 1921 Bonners Ferry Daniel Warren M Donald Hugh Chisholm Sibyl Josephine Poston
19 Dec 1921 Naples Ira Gail (twin) M Bertram L. Kennison Amy Eliz. Dobson
19 Dec 1921 Naples Ivy Gazle (twin) F Bertram L. Kennison Amy Eliz. Dobson
20 Dec 1921 Bonners Ferry Evert Warren M John Davidson Hilda Mickelson
21 Dec 1921 Bonners Ferry Beatrice Genevieve F Arthur Pellegram Addie Rowls
1 Jan 1921 Bonners Ferry Ruth Marie F Leonard Arthur Knoles Myrtle Marie Irving
6 Jan 1922 Bonners Ferry Richard James M Wm Jas. Kelley Daisy Collins
15 Jan 1922 Bonners Ferry Robert Harry M Clarence Ernest Duncan Marian M. Frankland
18 Jan 1922 Bonners Ferry Roy Martin M Wm F. Dunning Iva Pearl Markham
18 Jan 1922 Bonners Ferry Edith Margaret F Henry Roland Sugden Sarah Johnson
15 Jan 1922 Bonners Ferry Jean Carol F Sigfrid Carlson Clara Cooke
Booklet #32          
3 May 1922 Bonners Ferry Warren Clifton M Irvin Dykes Emma Meek Worley
14 Mar 1922 Bonners Ferry Mildred Evelyn F Chas. Adam Lane Charlotte Marguerite Bissel
11 Apr 1922 Bonners Ferry Vera Fern F Wm. Winfield Carlock Goldie Preston
21 Apr 1922 Bonners Ferry Lewis Frank M Lewis Causton Johnson Martha M. Lindquist
8 Apr 1922 Bonners Ferry Clyde Dewain M Leon O. Stone Grace Bucher
5 Apr 1922 Bonners Ferry Frances Helen F Oliver C. Wilson Margaret Bottom
11 Apr 1922 Bonners Ferry None Listed M Virgil Smith Alice Dunn
29 Apr 1922 Bonners Ferry Wm Stanley M John A. Simmons Mary Gearhard
29 Apr 1922 Bonners Ferry Richard Frank M Earl M. Stevens Aurora Brooks
11 Apr 1922 Bonners Ferry Catharine Mary F Nicholas Shearer Mary Neumayer
6 May 1922 Bonners Ferry Clara Marie   John Lyman Castle Minnie M. Graham
7 May 1922 Bonners Ferry Donald Jas. M Geo. Douglas Irving Cora Knoles
13 May 1922 Bonners Ferry Earl Francis M Oren W. Chandler Emma Sager
8 May 1922 Bonners Ferry Clifford Alfred M Gideon Edward Langlvin or Langevin Nancy Lee Pemington
23 May 1922 Bonners Ferry Helen Margaret F Ralph Holmer Ellen Soderlund
24 May 1922 Bonners Ferry Helen Betty F Kenneth F. Klenck Olive M. Cole
27 May 1922 Bonners Ferry Marie Katharine F Philip Lins Stella Marie Hart
13 Jun 1922 Bonners Ferry Marion Faye F Earl DeWolf Lettie Thomas
14 Jun Bonners Ferry Anna Marie   T.B. Radcliffe Thelma Howell
23 Jun 1922 Bonners Ferry Joseph Allen   Allen Frase Eva Meddick
21 Jun 1922 Bonners Ferry Edward Michael M Mike Fitzpatrick Agnes Asher
10 Jul 1922 Copeland Elizabeth F Victor Hundahl Marie LaRue
25 Jul 1922 Bonners Ferry Jas. Corydon M Clyde A. Shepherd Fairy Wickwire
14 Jul 1922 Bonners Ferry Lenora F Robert Leslie Evans Leah Aldrich
23 Jul 1922 Bonners Ferry Jas. Wm M Wm H. Smith Maggie Easton
30 Jul 1922 Bonners Ferry Clarance Edwin M Henry Wedeven Frieda P. Bath
4 Jul 1922 Lenia Harriet Irene F Harry C. Holmquist Bernice J. Smith
17 Jul 1922 Bonners Ferry Iva Lucile F Emmett Perry Florence Mary Cox
19 Jul 1922 Bonners Ferry Wm Scott M Willard S. Ellis Nancy E. Scott
21 Jul 1922 Bonners Ferry Robert Warren M Robt Jones Glatha L. Smith
31 Jul 1922 Bonners Ferry Lucille Marion F Lucien J. Daufau Lucie M. Goldbeck
30 Jul 1922 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Thos W. Harris Nannie Davison
25 Jan 1922 Bonners Ferry Carol Jean F Sigfried Carlson Clara Cooke
4 Feb 1922 Naples Marion Florence F Knut Krogseth Anna Flor
5 Feb 1922 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F Elmer Perry Hazel Pritchard
9 Feb 1922 Bonners Ferry Robt Earl M Clinton Earl Spalding Ella Banks
11 Jan 1922 Bonners Ferry Clyde Martin M Frank Slater Irene Fuller
8 Feb 1922 Bonners Ferry Wm Howard M Geo Wm Gould Clara Ellen Stevens
12 Feb 1922 Bonners Ferry Lawrence Irvin M Cyrus A. Moorehouse  
12 Feb 1922 Meadow Creek Walter Glenn M Wm Clyde Howard Mary Swanson
16 Feb 1922 Bonners Ferry Leona Helen F Leo Buteau Elizabeth Gigure
2 Mar 1922 Boundary Co Leo Max M Roy Edward Luce Oleander Hood
11 Mar 1922 Bonners Ferry Leoard Wayne M August Herd Hazel Parker
12 Mar 1922 Bonners Ferry John Wm M James Chance Stella Clark
13 Mar 1922 Bonners Ferry Gladys Marie F Chas E. Noe Emily Pearl Fisher
10 Mar 1922 Bonners Ferry Robert Hiram M Robt H. Griswald Lura Constance Edwards
10 Mar 1922 Bonners Ferry Maxine Opal F Emmett Wm Jones Della Caroline Detchman
15 Mar 1922 Bonners Ferry Helen Dorothy F Jimmie J. Foust Helen Dorothy Detchman
17 Mar 1922 Lenia Stillborn F Wm L. Maxson Julie Malinsk
21 Apr 1922 Not Listed Richard Ferris M William Elza Cooper Annie Eli
beth Owens

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