2018 January News

New this month: Cemeteries Finally! We got the rewrite of the McArthur Cemetery list edited and published. It includes quite a few links to obituaries that we have added in the last few months, and we have more that we will get online soon, [...] Read more

2017 November News

New this month: History of Communities We added a little story about the old town of Crossport Ancient City of Crossport Resources and Links We added a few books to the Books About Boundary County, Idaho page. LINK Obituaries We added a few [...] Read more

2017 October News

New this month: We are still working on a complete newly updated list of our McArthur Cemetery, it should be ready anytime, in the meantime:: Obituaries We added a few obituaries this month: Cranor, Roy Anderson 1892 - 1976 Cranor, Orville 1915 - [...] Read more

2017 September News

New this month: Obituaries We added a few obituaries this month: Lundin, Erick 1850 - 1915 Tucker, Alice 1926 - 2005 Thomas, Phebe 1871 - 1951

2017 August News

New this month: Additions to the Obituary Index This month, we added some pages with lists of links to offsite obituaries - links to these obituary pages have been added at the top of the obituary index page LINK Added a new page of links to offsite [...] Read more

2017 June News

New this month: Obituaries We added a few obituaries this month: Parker, Cora M. Mickelson 1894 - 1979 Ponsness, Lloyd Evertte 1912 - 1995 Shelton, Benjamin R 1982 - 2001 DePue, Jerold Steven (Jerry) 1942 - 2017 Cemeteries We spent a good deal of [...] Read more

2017 April News

New this month: Pioneers & Biographies We have added a whole new section We found a Pioneer Page that Ellie Grover had added to the site back in 2004, at some point it was lost. We have restored it and made it into a new Biographies page: LINK [...] Read more

2017 March News

New this month: Obituaries We found some more old obituaries from the now defunt news website "KVPress.com" and published them here: 8 more obituaries this month: Roddy Roy Torrence June Elaine Bennett Patelzick James William Coats Larry Duane [...] Read more

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