2017 October News

New this month: We are still working on a complete newly updated list of our McArthur Cemetery, it should be ready anytime, in the meantime:: Obituaries We added a few obituaries this month: Cranor, Roy Anderson 1892 - 1976 Cranor, Orville 1915 - [...] Read more

2017 September News

New this month: Obituaries We added a few obituaries this month: Lundin, Erick 1850 - 1915 Tucker, Alice 1926 - 2005 Thomas, Phebe 1871 - 1951

2017 August News

New this month: Additions to the Obituary Index This month, we added some pages with lists of links to offsite obituaries - links to these obituary pages have been added at the top of the obituary index page LINK Added a new page of links to offsite [...] Read more

2017 June News

New this month: Obituaries We added a few obituaries this month: Parker, Cora M. Mickelson 1894 - 1979 Ponsness, Lloyd Evertte 1912 - 1995 Shelton, Benjamin R 1982 - 2001 DePue, Jerold Steven (Jerry) 1942 - 2017 Cemeteries We spent a good deal of [...] Read more

2017 April News

New this month: Pioneers & Biographies We have added a whole new section We found a Pioneer Page that Ellie Grover had added to the site back in 2004, at some point it was lost. We have restored it and made it into a new Biographies page: LINK [...] Read more

2017 March News

New this month: Obituaries We found some more old obituaries from the now defunt news website "KVPress.com" and published them here: 8 more obituaries this month: Roddy Roy Torrence June Elaine Bennett Patelzick James William Coats Larry Duane [...] Read more

2017 February News

Obituaries We had bad obituary links on our cemetery pages that pointed to the now defunt news website "KVPress.com" Back in June 2016 we started adding some new obituaries to fix those links, we completed the project this month: 20 more this month: [...] Read more

2016 September News

History Article We added an article to the community histories section about Eastport. LINK Photos Added a couple photos of Eastport with the new history article LINK

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