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Major events
Date Page Revised Provided By
 2000-2007  County Coordinator Ellie Grover
 Aug-2009 New County Coordinator Mike St. Clair
 Aug-2009 Whole Site Revision started Michael Shaw
 Sep-2009 Commenced Uploading Obits Boundary County Team
 Nov-2009 Added Community History Pages Boundary County Team
 Jan-2010 Added Obits thru R Boundary County Team
 Jun-2011 Site face-lift & revision Sharon McConnel
 Oct-2015 New County Coordinator Randy Cummings
 May-2016 Whole Site Revision Randy Cummings

I’ve never been to Boundary County nor do I have roots in Boundary County, but updating the site makes me want to visit. I’m looking forward to new content from the Boundary County Team! – Sharon McConnel