Marriage Newpaper Notices - Outside of ID

Newspaper Marriage Announcements of Boundary County, Idaho

Marriage notices taken from the newspapers of marriages taking place outside of ID. These Boundary Co residents or former residents may not be included in the Western States Marriage Index.


These marriage records are taken from the Bonners Ferry Herald, which operated off and on from 1892 on, and the Kootenai Times, which came and went through the years. Usually, only one paper was in existence at a time. Not a lot of information was given in these articles, but occasionally, the original story may tell a little more. These old newspapers are all available on microfilm from the Idaho State Archives, in Boise. Hopefully, those looking for their families and finding information here will have enough clues to find more.


Groom Bride Marriage Date Place Married
Warren W. Greenberg of Spokane Lillian Bangs 28 Nov 1921 Vancouver, WA
James Keane Alwilda Reemer 28 Dec 1921 Portland, OR
Dennis Flahaven of Missoula Mary Dawson of Bonners Ferry During week before 11 Jan 1921 Spokane,WA
John Huffman Lottie Heathershaw 11 Jan 1921 Swea City, Iowa
Floyd Kading Venice Dignan 26 Dec 1920 Portland, OR
Harry Ellis of Red Deer, Alberta Zelda Short 20 Jan 1921 Red Deer, Alberta
Rufus McCollum Bulah Mary Harding 20 Feb 1921 (License) Spokane, WA
James Reid Mrs. Wm. Warwick, nee Lyons Easter 1921 (date?) New Westminister, BC
Jesse J. Evans Viva E. Williams 8 May 1921 Libby, MT
W. F. Dunning Mrs. Pearl Russell 9 Jun 1921 Ritzville, WA
Harold Van Alstyne Verna Daufau 13 Jun 1921 Creston, BC
David Kenner Dolly Chenier 15 Oct 1921 Libby, MT
Charles Wyngate Ruth Buchanan 14 Oct 1921 Portland, OR
Peter Anderson Rosaline A. J. Ready of Brooklin, NY 29 Oct 1921 Spokane, WA
Max Mc Iglehargey Jewell Butler 25 Dec 1928 Dishman, WA
Lloyd Bury Gertrude Bassett 21 Dec 1928 Pullman, WA
Delmar Davis Hazel Triplett 5 Sep 1928 Linden, WA
Merle Meeker Helen Mesenbrink 10 Jun 1939 Libby, MT
Charles Maxwell Minnie Humpries 10 Jun 1939 Not listed
Gordon Bishop Mary Thomas 10 Jun 1939 Long Beach, CA
Carl Kochler Helen Louise Carlson June 1939 (day not listed) Spokane, WA
Harold E. Harris Lucieme C, 1 Jul 1939 Cour d'Alene, ID
Everett Grim Betty Leslie 4 Jul 1939 Butte, MT
Jimmie Bonner Florence Stender 1 Aug 1939 Cranbrook, BC, Canada
Dell Kuntz Not Named 29 Jul 1939 Reno, Nevada
Robert Woodward Dorothy Knight 26 Aug 1939 Chewelah, WA
Gordon Howe Mary Alice Norton 31 Aug 1939 Kettle Falls, WA
Walter Dressler Anna Neumayer 10 Aug 1939 San Francisco, CA
Ugo Pucci Ruth Mary Brody 15 Oct 1939 Sacramento, CA
Earl 'Whitey'Shelman Ethel Marie Hooks 7 Oct 1939 San Angelo, TX
Harry Joseph Behrman Ethel Lucille Skelton 14 Oct 1939 Malta, MT

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