Physician Records of births Boundary County, Idaho 1914 to 1915

Births of Boundary County, Idaho

Jan 10, 1914  --  Aug 17, 1915

These records are an index to the Physician records found on microfilm #1535439 at the Idaho State Historical Archives, in Boise, Idaho. They are listed by the order in which they were filmed, and not alphabetically. They are left in the original order to make it easier to find the correct place in the microfilm when photocopies are needed. These are usually in order of birthdate, but may be up to a year out of order.

Two types of forms were used, the main difference being that one asked for the sex of the child and one did not. Sometimes the form was used listing the sex, but that line was left blank. This can usually be guessed accurately from the name of the child. Several were found not listing either the sex or the name.

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Section #7
Date Location Child's
Sex Father Mother
Maiden Name
10 Jan 1914 Naples Frances Mae F Fred W. Mottner Mae F. Petram
15 Jan 1914 Bonners Ferry Robert Lee M Levi A. Hood Anna Pearl Lubbers
18 Jan 1914 Bonners Ferry William Leonard M Wm Richardson Grace Henderson
16 Jan 1914 Bonners Ferry Shirley Maurice M Allen B. Ashby Margaret Harvey
1 Feb 1914 Bonners Ferry Chas Park M Chas Wm Dunn Laura May Smith
5 Feb 1914 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F Henry B. Emerson Theresa Meyers
13 Feb 1914 Bonners Ferry Clifford Theodore M Chas. Knight Clara E. Blaklesley
15 Feb 1914 Bonners Ferry Norman Louis M Oscar O. Haugen Matilda Johnson
16 Feb 1914 Curley Creek Otis Alner M Otis Allen Wright Anna White
Section #8
20 Feb 1914   Not Listed M George William Johnson Lizzie Elsie Morris
19 Feb 1914 Bonners Ferry Ross Allen M Homer Gano Laura Gale
1 Mar 1914 Katka Marie Filomena F Michael Mirabelli Rosa Grosso
2 Mar 1914 Bonners Ferry Nancy F Frank Ferraro Arma Mirabelli
12 Mar 1914 Naples Not Listed F R. J. Babb Florence Watson
14 Mar 1914 The Island Not Listed M O. Victor Benson Ella Mary Johnson
17 Mar 1914 Bonners Ferry Donald M Robt. H. Ritchie Mabel Harvey
9 Apr 1914 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Harry H. Pierson Emma Restoule
27 Mar 1914 Bonners Ferry Hazel Ann F Herman Larson Eloise Bezold
27 Mar 1914 Bonners Ferry Don Philip M Odin F. Howe Alice Gray
3 Apr 1914 Bonners Ferry Cleo Genevive F Bert Edson Georgie A. Summer
12 Apr 1914 Bonners Ferry Harold Lester M C. D. Simonds Inga S. Tew
23 Apr 1914 Lenia Roena Chloras F Lenard L. Knoles Iduna (?) D. Shafer
1 May 1914 Bonners Ferry Mae Florence F Sam Nicholi Peterson Hannah Hanson
24 Apr 1914 Bonners Ferry Ray M Thos. Solomon Frida Smith
8 Apr 1914 Bonners Ferry Thelma F Emmet E. Morse Elva White
15 Apr 1914 Moravia Margaret Aileen F John Conway Mary Dwyer
9 Apr 1914 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Don Lawrence Mabel Hider
17 Apr 1914 Bonners Ferry Edwin M John Falk Hilda Ohiman
12 May 1914 Naples Not Listed F Wm H. Sorenson Annie Witz
21 May 1914 Bonners Ferry Willminna Selina F Norman Drew Margaret Bone
11 Jun 1914 Bonners Ferry Henry M Wm H. Rockwell Ethel McQuoid
24 Jun 1914 McArthur Not Listed M Chas. E. Finney May Dodge
27 Jun 1914 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M George E. Hill Martina Restutito
7 Jul 1914 Bonners Ferry Helen Margaret F William Henry Sleighter Helen Allen
Section #9
16 Jun 1914 Bonners Ferry Raymond Clyne M Michael T. McNichols Katherine Clyne
3 Jul 1914 Bonners Ferry Benjamon Acton M Edward G. Bishop Mariette Plummer
7 Jul 1914 Bonners Ferry Elsa F Gust Anderson Adla Swan
5 Jul 1914 Bonners Ferry Alice F Kee Soo May Fong
4 Jul 1914 Bonners Ferry Helge M Axel Johnson Lena Soderlund
25 Jul 1914 Meadow Creek Mary Rettie F Wm J. Merchant S. Rettie Dymond
23 Jul 1914 Bonners Ferry Edward Scheps   Wm J. Lawson Emma Marie Scheps
17 Jul 1914 Port Hill Russell Benjamin M Berton E. Goodwin Bertha P. Ward
4 Aug 1914 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F Ernest J. Mayer Mahilda Gilliard
23 Jul 1914 Bonners Ferry Glenn Edgar M Otto Mathieson Hazel Ulrick
14 Aug 1914 Bonners Ferry Franklin M Jack McDonald Bessie Gillander
23 Sep 1914 Elmira Johanna Oliva F Chas. Blume Lydia Hanson
10 Sep 1914 Bonners Ferry John Beck M Englebert Beck Mahilda Hiebbe
22 Sep 1914 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M John Person Stina(?) Erickson
22 Sep 1914 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Albert Sundsmo Anna Siegel
18 Aug 1914 Bonners Ferry Twins, Names Not Listed M, F John R. Viley Nell B. Brown
20 Aug 1914 Bonners Ferry Harold James M James Macdonald Ida Norman
28 Sep 1914 Bonners Ferry Albert Otto M Carl Odeson Marit Stenseth
2 Oct 1914 Bonners Ferry Mary Katharine F Thos F. Countryman Nellie M. Pittenger
29 Sep 1914 Bonners Ferry Dorothy Evelyn F Marion J. Page Edna Cobb
15 Oct 1914 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Stanley Wood Grace French
19 Oct 1914 Bonners Ferry Marian Pauline F Bert Badden Foyie Williams
19 Oct 1914 Bonners Ferry Merle Glynn M Jesse R. Meeker Margaret Trolan
14 Oct 1914 Bonners Ferry Helen Marian F Frank Edmonds Margaret Chisholm
Section #10
31 Oct 1914 Bonners Ferry Warren Ellison M Frank W. Bruce Elizabeth C. Roberts
28 Oct 1914 Bonners Ferry Nelda Fairy F Aden L. Fuller Maude E. Forrest
5 Nov 1914 Moravia Not Listed M Wm H. Brown Mabel C. Burkdoll
16 Nov 1914 Bonners Ferry Alfred M Arthur Pellegram Addie Rollo
2 Dec 1914 Bonners Ferry Cecil Robert M James Poston Agnes Lund
1 Nov 1914 Copeland Feon(? hard to read) F Theodor L. Edwards Addie Kranz
11 Dec 1914 Bonners Ferry Gilbert Joseph M Jos. C. Barto Helen L. Ingraham
12 Dec 1914 Bonners Ferry Raymond Edward   Ray Houck Dora Pearson
25 Oct 1915 Naples Marian F John A. Morice Violet Mae Browning
1 Feb 1915 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M George Irving Elizabeth A. Phare
6 Feb 1915 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Donaldson B. Worley Carrie Sette
9 Dec 1914 Bonners Ferry Mary F Chas. W. Gunther Harriett E. Smith
31 Jan 1915 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Ralph Cooper Lucy Newton
14 Dec 1914 Bonners Ferry Rachael F Walter Aldrich Hulda Livermore
21 Dec 1914 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Meredith M. Straley Mary A. Graves
29 Dec 1914 Bonners Ferry Winnifred Maye F Peter Aitken Jane E. Johnson
1 Feb 1915 Bonners Ferry John Arthur M John W. O'Brien Anne Brown
12 Jan 1915 Bonners Ferry Roberts M Walter C. Cundell Agnes Johnson
18 Feb 1915 Bonners Ferry Elsie Lilly F Clarence Starand Lilly Dunning
28 Jan 1915 Bonners Ferry Clinton Isaiah M Claude Hydorn Emma Causton
3 Mar 1915 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Gust Broten Annie Anderson
17 Jan 1915 Bonners Ferry William Joseph M Antone Franz Nikch Marie Branner
16 Mary 1915 Bonners Ferry Claude M James W. Woods Nellie L. Bell
12 Mar 1915 Bonners Ferry George Rexford M Thos. E. Greer Nora Collins
Section #11
31 Mar 1915 Bonners Ferry Kathleen Louise   Edwin J. Wilson Hazel Edwards
20 Mar 1915 Bonners Ferry William M Wm Sorensen Ina Woodward
25 Mar 1915 Bonners Ferry Howard Ben M Henry L. Ricken Hazel N. Reynolds
2 Apr 1915 Bonners Ferry Alexandra F Ernest Barber Sarah Ann Davis
15 Apr 1915 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M John Lozier Grace Cobb
16 Apr 1915 Bonners Ferry Sanford Donald M Ben Perry Minnie Anderson
15 Apr 1915 Bonners Ferry William Andrew   Standish A. Jones Tammy Strong Cushen
8 Apr 1915 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Floyd Strader Rosella Clark
27 Apr 1915 Bonners Ferry Delmer Esher M Chas. A. Washburn Nellie Johnson
1 May 1915 Bonners Ferry Takashi M Hikoroku Sato Hamayo Mikami
4 May 1915 Bonners Ferry Oscar   Victor Benson Ellen Johnson
13 May 1915 Bonners Ferry Irene Immogine F Clarke Howe Mae Collins
3 May 1915 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Thos L. Simon Emma Oleson
13 Jun 1915 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Helmer Swenson Marie Baug__
4 Jun 1915 Naples Not Listed M Amil Lundeen Ida Finney
25 Jun 1915 Bonners Ferry Delorous F Walter DeBoer Mary Noremacher
16 Jun 1915 Naples Marion F Fred Mottner May F. Petram
17 Jun 1915 Bonners Ferry Margaret Elaine F Wallace G. Clevett Clara C. Baughman
30 Jun 1915 Bonners Ferry Faye Elmer M Edgar W. Mitchell Beatrice Hughes
6 May 1915 Bonners Ferry Ella May F Wm J. McGlocklin Ella May Cooper
8 May 1915 Bonners Ferry Dorothy Evelyn F John Falk Hilda Ohman
30 Jun 1915 Bonners Ferry George Wm M Henry Oleson Mary Price
27 Jun 1915 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F Wm M. Wagner Emma Bolander
6 Jul 1915 Bonners Ferry Francis Henry M Archibald Carr Grace Maness
12 Jul 1915 Bonners Ferry Chas. Howard   W. T. Poston Anna Stenerson
Section #12
11 May 1915 Copeland Herman Wilford M Mat Ripatti Maria
11 Aug 1915 Copeland John Harold M Julius Dehlbom Grace Lamberton
30 Aug 1915 Eastport James Wm M Bela Elmer Gowen Bessie M. Cook
15 Jul 1915 Bonners Ferry Shirley M Wm Orson Eaton Mary Watrous
17 Jul 1915 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Roy Downing Bessie McClellan
2 Aug 1915 Bonners Ferry Niel Donald M Edwin B. Spurling Florence Miller
2 Aug 1915 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F T. Lefebre Adeline Riel
8 Sep 1915 Naples Not Listed M Tony Miller Eva Kelley
8 Sep 1915 Bonners Ferry Richard M Louis Douglas Evelyn Greening
15 Aug 1915 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Daniel Rookey Mary Galvin
12 Aug 1915 Bonners Ferry Anna Vivian F Albert C. Sundsmo Anna Siegel
16 Sep 1915 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F Ben N. Harsch Jannis Lachapelle
14 Sep 1915 McArthur Winnifred Leota F Wright Davis Eva Zornes
9 Sep 1915 Bonners Ferry Mary Margaret F Dell Kane Mary Martin
18 Sep 1915 Bonners Ferry Marion Peter M Mike Miller Emma Atkins
7 Aug 1915 Bonners Ferry Barbara Rae F James Egan Alice Dellehauty?
22 Sep 1915 Bonners Ferry Thos. Asker M Mike Fitzpatrick Agnes Asher
6 Oct 1915 Bonners Ferry Edith Lucile   Harry W. Bliss Laura Cash
7 Oct 1915 Bonners Ferry Margaret F Francis Reedy Amelia Labrosse
12 Oct 1915 Bonners Ferry Dorothy Mae F Richard J. Cluny Henrietta Bruce
13 Oct 1915 Bonners Ferry Harold Albert M Mike Mirabelli Rosina Grossi
14 Oct 1915 Bonners Ferry Agda Sophia   John A. Walden Agda Wallin
15 Oct 1915 Bonners Ferry Marian Lucile   Lee W. Smith Jennie Price
7 Nov 1915 Bonners Ferry Wm. James   John R. Childs Marie McIlvana
8 Nov 1915 Bonners Ferry Mabel Marie   Henry L. Shively Agne Flynn
Section #13
10 Nov 1915 Bonners Ferry Ada Lee   Wm W. Branom Annie Lee
12 Nov 1915 Bonners Ferry Raymond   James Poston Agnes Lund
13 Nov 1915 Bonners Ferry James Ray & John Roy, Twins   Jessie R. Meeker Margaret Trolan
15 Nov 1915 Bonners Ferry Kathleen Marie   Mich. T. McNichols Kathrine Clyne
26 Nov 1915 Bonners Ferry Mart Wm.   Fred W. Gumaer Cora Dunn
4 Dec 1915 Bonners Ferry Laurel Jean   John W. Shiart Effie L. Snow
1 Dec 1915 Moravia Not Listed   Rufus A. Hatchett Teresa Simmons
9 Dec 1915 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F Axel Johnson Lena Soderlund
10 Dec 1915 Bonners Ferry Robt   Harry E. Storm Ruth L. Rosen
11 Dec 1915 Copeland George Bayliss   Thos. Maul Mary Bayliss
10 Jul 1915 Bonners Ferry Robt Sargent   Harold J. McCoy Margaret Sargent
21 Nov 1915 Naples Harlen Elouis M Bert Kenneson Amy E. Dobson
25 Dec 1915 Bonners Ferry Walter Herbert M Louis A. White Alma Anderson
29 Dec 1915 Bonners Ferry Joseph Earl M Jos. A. Jacoby Mabel V. Chapman
17 Aug 1915 Bonners Ferry Josephine Mattilda F Englebert Beck Mahilda Hiebbe


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