Physician Records of births Boundary County, Idaho 1919 to 1920

Births of Boundary County, Idaho

These records are an index to the Physician records found on microfilm #1535439 at the Idaho State Historical Archives, in Boise, Idaho. They are listed by the order in which they were filmed, and not alphabetically. They are left in the original order to make it easier to find the correct place in the microfilm when photocopies are needed. These are usually in order of birthdate, but may be up to a year out of order.

Two types of forms were used, the main difference being that one asked for the sex of the child and one did not. Sometimes the form was used listing the sex, but that line was left blank. This can usually be guessed accurately from the name of the child. Several were found not listing either the sex or the name.

To easily find the surname you are researching, use "Find," usually found under the Edit menu at the top left of your screen. These records cover 1919 and 1920, and one entry from 1912. Remember that all of these records are hand written, and some are hard to read.

If you find an error in your family's records, please let us know.

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Date Location Child's
Sex Father Mother
Maiden Name
Section #21
3 Jan 1919 Porthill Clark Melvin M Thos. T. Ames Ida M. Bild
12 Jan 1919 Bonners Ferry Edward Harold M Martin Casperson Marie Olson
14 Jan 1919 Meadow Creek Ruth Lorraine F Chas. A. Washburn Nell Johnson
20 Jan 1919 Bonners Ferry Philip James M Harold James McCoy Margaret Sargent
25 Jan 1919 Bonners Ferry Caroline Adelaide F Abraham Stemmons Thelma Ringsted
27 Jan 1919 Naples Not Listed M Arthur B. Lunde Helga Flor
27 Jan 1919 Bonners Ferry Patricia May F Edwin J. Wilson Hazel Edwards
27 Feb 1919 Bonners Ferry Alwood Gerald M John Sims Myrtle Melbye
7 Mar 1919 Bonners Ferry Henry Arthur M Ernest Mayer Matilda Gillard
4 Mar 1919 Naples Roberta Rose F Frank E. Dutton Barbara A. Smith
18 Mar 1919 Bonners Ferry Orville Conway M Lenard L. Knoles Iduna Shafer
13 Mar 1919 Bonners Ferry Louise Bernice F Wm E. Rath Catharine H. Johnson
21 Mar 1919 Bonners Ferry Ivar Lauritz M Hartwig Dahlen Ingrid Johnson
13 Mar 1919 Bonners Ferry Francis Scott M Jesse Meeker Margaret Trolan
28 Mar 1919 Bonners Ferry Lila Lavonia F George Byran O'Brien Ella Ableman
4 Apr 1919 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F Arthur J. States Nellie Flair
10 Apr 1919 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F Chas. B. Cowell Hazel Roach
10 Dec 1912 Bonners Ferry Adelaide Harriett F Herbert J. Peterson Ada M. Trickey
Section #22
15 Apr 1919 Not Listed Not Listed F Henry B. Carratt Louvina Hooker
20 Apr 1919 Naples Marie Ester F George Phillips Alda Smith
17 Apr 1919 Bonners Ferry Fredrick James M Louis Bush Bessie Eaton
23 Apr 1919 Bonners Ferry Lovette F John O'Keefe Barbara M. Cheroancha
4 May 1919 Bonners Ferry Wm. Larry M Albert Chas Gay Ethel E. Berger
6 May 1919 Bonners Ferry Kent Edwin M Edwin Leader Zoe Kent
9 May 1919 Meadow Creek Katharine F Geo Leaper Jessie Bennie
11 May 1919 Bonners Ferry Alva Lee M Albert C. Sundsmo Anna Siegel
17 May 1919 Bonners Ferry Ruth F Wm Clyde Butler Nora Sage
19 May 1919 Bonners Ferry Walter Harold M Peter Hartmann Lena Hansen
28 May 1919 Copeland Arlin Winfield M Wm W. Carlock Golda Preston
29 May 1919 Bonners Ferry Hilda Marie F Oscar Frykman Olga Folk
29 May 1919 Bonners Ferry Vivian Isabelle F Duncan Cameron Ruth Chisholm
30 May 1919 Bonners Ferry Riva Justine F Hugh Wood Margaret Parker
29 Apr 1919 Bonners Ferry Wanda Mary   Arthur E. Wells Ada Bellows
2 Jun 1919 Bonners Ferry Wm Walter M Van Branham Frances Moore
3 Jun 1919 Bonners Ferry Ellen Lucile F Axel J. Freed Ingeborg Anderson
4 Jun 1919 McArthur Chas. Harold M Chas Finney Olive May Dodge
7 Jun 1919 Bonners Ferry Wm Fredrick M Henry Clayton Thomas Elma Bond
20 Jun 1919 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Adelbert C. Fry Rebecca Radcliffe
21 Jun 1919 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F LeRoy Hamilton Lenus Handley
6 Jul 1919 Naples Herman Rudolph M Knut Krogseth Anna Flor
3 Jul 1919 Bonners Ferry Roy Elmer M Joseph Meddick Lena Livermore
13 Jul 1919 Bonners Ferry Eileen Elizabeth F Claude Hydom Emma B. Causton
Book #23
14 Jul 1919 Bonners Ferry Shirley Lois F Fredrick Lewis Causton Grace Katharine Helson
25 Jul 1919 Naples Walter Keith M John M. Roberts Ida Mae Stout
4 Aug 1919 Bonners Ferry Othelo Clay M Earl Tomlinson Kathleen Hurley
15 Apr 1919 Port Hill Oliver Monroe M Alva Hall Charlotte Riefsteck
3 Aug 1919 McArthur Not LIsted F Jesse E. Finney Agnes Cossairt
10 Aug 1919 Bonners Ferry Beverly Margaret F Orsa A. Kidder Mowel? Skinner
17 Sept 1919 Bonners Ferry Mary Pauline F August J. Peterson IIlona Weiss
17 Sept 1919 Copeland Gust Baptiste M John Roesch Mary Olden
28 Aug 1919 Bonners Ferry Arthur Harold M Squair Castle Capitola Redfern
3 Sept 1919 Bonners Ferry Eunice Lucile F Stoner E. Curtis Mary Curren
5 Sep 1919 Bonners Ferry Richard Bemis M Edwin Spurling Florence Miller
12 Sept 1919 Bonners Ferry Violet F Martin Edwards Julia Owen
11 Sept 1919 Bonners Ferry Clifford Clinton M Geo. R. Causton Rosa E. Perkins
17 Sept 1919 Bonners Ferry Shirley Jean F Arthur Pellegram Hattie Rollo
20 Sept 1919 Bonners Ferry Alfreda Catharine F Carl Bernard Brown Hilda Winnifred Joule
22 Sept 1919 Bonners Ferry Christina Kra F Clarence Strong Vera Chicko
28 Sept 1919 Bonners Ferry Chas. Albert M Oren W. Chandlar Emma Sager
29 Sept 1919 Bonners Ferry Patrick Ingram M Frank James Cullen Lucile Ingram
3 Oct 1919 Bonners Ferry Geo. Raymond M Geo. C. Wade Emma Glenn
5 Oct 1919 Naples Wilbur Allen M Thos. Allen Moore Florence Hinthorne
10 Oct 1919 Bonners Ferry Gordon Houston M Walter Walters Cora Drennan
6 Oct 1919 Eastport Not Listed   Eneas Melior Anna Morrill
29 Sept 1919 Bonners Ferry Mildred Pauline   Wm W. Branon Annie Lee
22 Oct 1919 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F James Roden Luellen Stephens
Book #24
25 Aug 1919 Meadow Creek Donald Bruce M Hiram Duncan McDougall Bessie Moton
25 Oct 1919 Port Hill :ester Wm M Nels Moody Clara Johnson
15 Sept 1919 Naples Not Listed M Anton W. Miller Evelyn Kelley
29 Oct 1919 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F Mike Fitzpatrick Agnes Asher
8 Nov 1919 Bonners Ferry Gerald M Michael T. McNichols Kathleen C. Clyne
1 Nov 1919 Moravia Not Listed M Henry Morkeburg Anna Thomas
Not Listed Bonners Ferry Gerald Turner   Ervin Harding Maisie Turner
5 Nov 1919 Bonners Ferry Kenneth Clair M Scott Soule Ruth Spurling
9 Nov 1919 McArthur Rebecca   Benjamin Thomas Leora Finney
18 Nov 1919 Bonners Ferry James MacKenzie M Oliver C. Wilson Margaret Bottom
24 Nov 1919 Bonners Ferry Thos. Jefferson M James Mohr Eunice D'Arcy
10 Dec 1919 Moravia Not Listed   Burton J. States Daisy Armstrong
20 Dec 1919 Bonners Ferry Not Listed   Elmer Perry Hazel Prichard
11 Dec 1919 Bonners Ferry Not Listed, & Robt. Lewis, Twins M, M John Fleming Gibson Sara Elizabeth Montgomery
20 Dec 1919 Naples Not Listed M Emil Lunden Ida Finney
27 Dec 1919 Bonners Ferry Roberta Louise F Robt. L. Doolittle M. Louise Aldrich
30 Dec 1919 Bonners Ferry Maxine Joyce F Manley Conley Lena Beck
31 Dec 1919 Bonners Ferry Robt. John M Wm. Andrew Lewis Mary Alberta Seifert
29 Dec 1919 Bonners Ferry Ralph Winfred M Walter R. Cole Eva A. _____
4 Jan 1920 Porthill Betty Doris F Glen Wesley King Maude Wylet
9 Jan 1920 Bonners Ferry Margaret Lucile F Lewis Bucher Anna Roth
9 Jan 1920 Bonners Ferry Ethel Bernice F Murray Sherman Frances Campbell
7 Feb 1920 Bonners Ferry Lorena Frances F Joseph Neumayer Goldie Winckley
Book #25
10 Feb 1920   Caroline Maude F H.R.Sugden Sarah Johnson
19 Feb 1920   Adele Josephine   Dell Cane Mary Martin
2 Feb 1920   John Lyman   John Lyman Castle Marjorie Graham
5 Feb 1920   Kathleen Elenor   Joel A. Douglas Mary Snyder
22 Feb 1920   Not Listed F Rollin Clark Jessie May Davis
29 Jan 1920   Doris Ruth   Bertman Badden Fay Williams
5 Mar 1920   Arnold Stewart   Stephen Alphonse Hurd Leona Watkins
8 Mar 1920   Wm Gordon   Guy Brown Elsie Hodge
15 Mar 1920   Florence Elizabeth F Ray Penner Bertha Lavery
18 Mar 1920   Walter Earl M Earl Bales Marie Mackey
30 Jan 1920   Stillborn   Frank Barney Tillie Ellingson
18 Mar 1920 Bonners Ferry John James M Guy Paschall Eunice Watke
7 Feb 1920 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Walter Straw Flossie Delap
30 Mar 1920   Not Listed M Alax Andreason Julia Richardson
2 Apr 1920   Not Listed F Clarence Smith Mary Adair
11 Apr 1920   Fredrick Alexander M Alexander Avery Mabel Lewis
10 Apr 1920   Not Listed F Casper Keiser Marie Moore
29 Feb 1920   Donald Eugene M Glen A. Ralston Stella Dumbotten
19 Apr 1920   Dale Eugene & Dora Melissa, Twins   Clivbore C. Gant Elsie Buckley
13 Apr 1920   Anne Mary F Adrian David Cecilia Joseph
13 Apr 1920   Ruth Marie F John Crowley Feon Collins
23 Mar 1920   Eugene Lloyd   Virgil M. Smith Alice B. Dunn
28 Apr 1920   Dennis Lee M Orval H. Acton May Belle Dunn
24 Apr 1920   Not Listed M Chauncey R.C.Knoll Jessie D. Lindsay
15 Apr 1920   Rollin Eugene M Warren O. Soper Julia Leisenberg
6 May 1920   Not Listed F Sam H. Peterson Hannah Hanson
Book #26

28 Mar 1920 Bonners Ferry Ernest Jos. M Austin J. Raynor Lucile Mayer
8 May 1920 Bonners Ferry Ruel M Jas. Henry Buons Mabel E. Hall
5 May 1920 Bonners Ferry Wm Milliard M Wm C. McKee Ethel Viola Tibbetts
13 May 1920 Bonners Ferry Norman Lee   J. C. Parker Pearl Coons
9 May 1920 Bonners Ferry Not Listed   Frank Adair Tressa Crawford
10 May 1920 Bonners Ferry Robt. Samuel M Sam L. Johnson Marie Stephens
21 May 1920 Meadow Creek Virginia Fay F Geo. C. Crossman Ida Dumas
23 May 1920 Naples Not Listed F Fred E. Strong Agnes Butler
27 May 1920 Bonners Ferry Lois Imogene M (correct
Archie Keith Perry Amy Genevieve Fry
1 Jun 1920 Copeland James Dorothy M James D. Chapin Lucile Eanion
25 Mar 1920 Copeland Vernie Vane M Darrel R. Collins Laurel V. Panchot
8 Feb 1920 Meadow Creek Thos. David M Peter H. Turcott Tena Radflod
14 Jun 1920 Meadow Creek Not Listed M Wm Vigne Emily Turcott
22 Jun 1920 Bonners Ferry Not Listed   Roy Heatturshaw Blanche Hamre
29 Jun 1920 Bonners Ferry Earnest Gardield M Walter Cundell Agnes Johnson
29 Jun 1920 Bonners Ferry Joseph Paul M John A. Walden Agda Wallin
22 Jun 1920 Bonners Ferry M Ellis Geo. Watson Nellie Egan
22 Jun 1920 Moravia James Alfred M Edward Burkholder Frances Lavoie
19 Jun 1920 Lincoln Co, MT Stillborn M Geo. R. Stuart Ella Wellwood
4 Jul 1920 Bonners Ferry Alva Levine M Adelbert C. Fry Rebecca E. Radcliff
9 Jul 1920 Bonners Ferry Kathleen Euretta F Wm Hemond Smith Maggie Eaton
12 Jul 1920 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F Walter E. Aldrich Hulda Livermore
21 Jul 1920 Bonners Ferry Chas. Franklin M John Harrison Poston Alice Gilliard
28 Jul 1920 Bonners Ferry Wm Thomas M Helmer Bangs Mary Gray
28 Jul 1920 Bonners Ferry Andrew Marshall Jr. M A. Marshall Seed Lila Cizer
Book #27
24 Jul 1920 Bonners Ferry Not Listed F Fred Rosenberg Carrie Liebrecht
10 Jul 1920 Bonners Ferry Cameron M Malcolm Macdonald Jessie Cameron
21 Mar 1920 Addie Robt. Oliver M Robt. Elmer Berry Grace Connor
28 Aug 1920 Bonners Ferry Not Listed   Gus L. Nims Martha Muzil
3 Aug 1920 Bonners Ferry Florence Ellen F Steven Z. Miller Bertha M. Tank
11 Aug 1920 Bonners Ferry Stillborn M Jos. Jacobi Mabel Chapman
11 Aug 1920 Bonners Ferry Dorothy F Wm McGlocklin Ella May Cooper
16 Aug 1920 Bonners Ferry Violet Anna F Volney Warren Washburn Violet Edwards
14 Aug 1920 Bonners Ferry Betty Lee F Hilliard M. Leslie Una Mary Lee
15 Sep 1920 Bonners Ferry Margaret Ellen   Tom Buck Lorena M...kley
23 Sep 1920 Bonners Ferry Edward Evans   Leslie Evans Leah Aldrich
21 Sep 1920 Bonners Ferry William Henry   William Butter Nora Sage
24 Sep 1920 Bonners Ferry _anan Lucille   Allen E. Frase Eva Meddock
25 Sep 1920 Bonners Ferry Geraldine Marie   Gerald Brooks Mary LaBrosse
28 Sep 1920 Bonners Ferry Not Listed   Harald Todd Freda Brady
12 Sep 1920 Bonners Ferry Edith Ann   Wm J. Kelley Daisy Collins
1 Oct 1920 Moravia Not Listed   Chas P. Perry Carrie Keen
6 Oct 1920 McArthur Not Listed M Lesley Jas. Shirts Ruth Howard
16 Oct 1920 Bonners Ferry Gilbert Carl M Marion Leroy Koffel Josephine Losh
17 Oct 1920 Bonners Ferry Betty Ann F Clarence H. Skyraw Lily M. Dunning
11 Oct 1920 Bonners Ferry Robt Leroy M Leroy M. Carmichael Aylia Talmadge
19 Oct 1920 Bonners Ferry Robt Lloyd M Carl Meserve Alta Plato
20 Oct 1920 Bonners Ferry Not Listed M Mack Gentry Lucile Bennett
31 Oct 1917 Addie Jas. Hermon M Mack Gentry Lucile Bennett
2 Oct 1920 Bonners Ferry Phyliss Evelyn F Frank Colley Gladys Stockley
29 Sep 1920 Bonners Ferry Jared Robert M Roy Watson Homesley Helen Bush

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