Parker Family Cemetery

The Parker family cemetery is located in Paradise Valley.

The grave of Lucile Parker is located further up the hill than the rest of the cemetery.


The burials are:

Hummel, Jack 1931-1970

Parker, Infant girl 1932-1932

Parker, Allen 1908-1908

Parker, Betty Ann Johnston 1865-1949

Parker, John LaFayette 1889-1928

Parker, Lucile 1905-1912

Parker, Walter James 1892-1952

Parker, William Cyrus 1869-1948

Sands, Norvel R 1919-1987

Vinion, Florence Augusta Parker 1904-1935

Vinion, Franz E. 1909-1998

Vinion, Lucille 1917-1974

Vold, Agnes Marie 1921-1936

Vold, Edward Anton 1891-1967

Vold, Mary A 1902-1975

Unknown Infant from neighbor family - no data


Updated 12-10-2000