School House Burials


Boundary County school grounds graves

It seems to have been common in the early days of Boundary Co. to use a section of the school grounds as a small cemetery. The kids would play among the wooden markers during recess. These graves are all unmarked now, the school buildings are gone, and few people even know where the graves lay.  


  The Hooker School was later renamed the Sheridan School, and was located at the bottom of Sand Hill. In Boundary Co. it is still referred to as the "school at the bottom of the hill that burned down about 20 years ago," and is used as a reference point in giving directions. A little confusing for those of us living here less than 20 years! The school grounds are now a strawberry field, and a small standing of trees.

There are several unknown burials there, and the grave of Gabriel Hooker, a local pioneer:

Hooker, Gabriel - born in Virginia and died aged 62 yrs, 16 Mar 1915.