School Newspaper Articles, 1930's

Newspaper Articles, 1930's

Bonners Ferry Herald, Bonners Ferry, Idaho, 11 Feb 1911

School Notes of Southside

Eighth Grade
During the last two weeks we have been planning our annual eighth grade party. We finished our Halloween designs two weeks ago and are now working on place cards.
We are glad to have Ralph Richmond, Clyde Stone and Katherine Scherer back with us. Clyde and Katherine have been out with scarlet fever.
The following received 100 in our six weeks spelling: Rugh Conedis, Jean Thompson, Ralph Wombacher, Phyllis Buroker and Billy Harrison.
Editors this week are Robert Causton and George Unternahrer.

Seventh Grade
Sixteen seventh graders went to see the players at the high school auditorium yesterday.
Those who received 100 in the six weeks spelling tests were Dorothy Ahl, Margaret Cook, Ned La Fountain and Mikia Tsudaka.
Dorothy Bowell and Delbert Flory received the highest scores in comprehension in the silent reading test.
Mary Jane Kliewer and Mikia Tsudaka are news editors this week.

Sixth Grade
Clifford Skans received 100 in a diagnostic fraction test Tuesday. We are now reviewing fractions.
The study of food is being continued in hygene. We have discussed and drawn pictures of the proper food for a growing boy or girl.
Perfect grades in one or two six weeks tests were made by John Emmons, Billy Chamberlain, Helen Hepworth, Jimmy Lavin, Eleanor Mayer, Golda Peterson, Lois Scott, Clifford Skans, Joyce Whitbeck and Peter Wilson.

Fifth Grade
We made some nice salt and flour maps of North America last Friday. Tuesday we painted the maps to represent the highlands and lowlands.
Mrs. Graham visited our room one day last week, and Mrs. Speece visited our room yesterday morning.
Sherleigh Peterson brought us a treat of all-day suckers in honor of her birthday.
We have a new classmate, Paul Schlener, from Conde, S. Dak. This brings our enrollment to 37.

Fourth Grade
We have been studying Columbus this week in history, reading and art.
We have a display of hygene posters we made to show the proper kind of clothing to wear in all kinds of weather.
After a study of weather forecast signals we are keeping a daily chart of October weather.
Marchita Hampton treated us to candy bars Wednesday. She is moving to Lewiston.

Third Grade
Norman Holtzclaw gave us a treat of suckers on his eighth birthday.
We are glad to welcome three new pupils to our room: Betty Jane Myhre, Laurence Olson and Jimmy Stone. We have 40 in our room now.
Mrs. H. M. Macnamara visited our room Monday.
Ruth Bruce, Annie Clark, Donald Dunning and Norma Collyer have been absent for some time because of illness.

Second Grade
Mrs. Speece visited our room Wednesday morning.
Mrs. Ewing was a visitor in our room last week.
Row 5 in our room won the health contest this month.

First Grade
We were all very glad to see Arnold Fessler in school again Monday.
Mae Poston has scarlet fever.
Carl Hammers has entered our room. He formerly attended school in Iowa.

Grade School Honor Roll

Four A -Joan Rabdau, Glennine Jones, John Wilson, Peter Wilson, Lois Scott, Jerrydean McLaughlin, Norma Jean Speece.

B or Better - Mary Ann Cooper, Betty Carlson, Roy Virak, Helen Conedis, Donald Larson, Joe Myers, Vernon Hyland, Gene Lozier, Ruth Seamen, Joyce McNally, Shirley Speece, Betty Geeslin, Patricia Macnamara, Ida Maxwell, Harold McNally, Grace Minata, Mary Ann Morrissey, Gordon Scott, Marie Wells, Denny Yasuhara, Barbara Cook, Burnell Hyland, Richard Guthrie, Helen Linden, Peggy Smetzley, Shigako Tsudaka, Oran Jenkins, Richard Grimes, Loyal Graham, Virginia Worley, Donald Bruce, Sherleigh Peterson, Rose Oddson, Lois Judd, Marvin Mackey, Helen Helworth, John Emmons, Jimmy Lavin, Golda Peterson, Joyce Whitbeck, Dorothy Ahl, Dorothy Bowell, Mary Jane Kliewer, Dolores Kohler, Dick Zimmerman, Harvey Scott, Ned LaFountain, Mikia Sudaka, Phyllis Buroker, Robert Causton, Ruth Conedis, Guy Garretson, Le Vernice Emmons, Billy Harrison, Florence Judd, Pat King, Jeon Thompson.

Bonners Ferry Herald, Bonners Ferry, Idaho, 29 April 1937

Forty-Seven To Graduate Here On May 20
Commencement Activities Will Begin
With Baccalaureate Services Sunday, May 16

Louise Bowell High

Has Average of 95.58 - Chenoweth to Give Commencement Address High school activities are now pointing toward the annual commencement program which will open Sunday, May 16, with the baccalaureate services to be given in the high school auditorium at eight o'clock. Rev. William Gornall, pastor of the local Methodist church, will give the address.

Commencement week will be climaxed by the presentation of diplomas on Thursday evening, May 20, at the high school, when Prof. C. W. Chenoweth, head of the department of philosophy, University of Idaho, will give the commencement address.

The graduating class this year numbers 47, of whom 29 are boys and 18 are girls. Members of the class are:

Robert Walton Blake, Forence M. Branom, Bruce L. Brooks, Mary Louise Bowell, Doris Ellen Boles, William Carey, Dale M. Clark, Clifford C. Causton, Howard J. Critchfield, Frances Carlene Caughey, Frances Casey, Adele Cane, Ernest Dehlbom, Myrtle Eskew, Ralph H. Grunerud, Gladys Rae Girton, Lester L. Howard, Roderick C. Hill, Ralph W. Holtzclaw, Raymond S. Houck, Herman Krogseth, Ralph Thompson Kerr, Guy C. McGee,Jr., Florence Ellen Miller, Clifford E. Middleton, Scott Meeker, William L. O'Brien, Wilmer W. Pruitt, Helen L. Pruitt, Glenn E. Rathbun, Marle Gertrude Rosenberg, Ethel May Robinson, Joyce Agnes Stubbs, Jeanne Marguerite Suthard, Earl A. Smith, Earl M. Shelman, Joe R. Thompson, Cyril Randall Thornycroft, Clifford Virak, Lulu E. Wheeler, Mae E. Walter, Helen Gertrude Wombacher, Clariece O. Warren, Charles Hastings Ward, Curtis Washburn, George Raymond Wade.

Louise Bowell will be the valedictorian of the class. Miss Bowell's average over a three and one-half year period was 95.58. Clariece Warren was second high with an average of 95.39.

Other members of the class having an average of 90 or more are: Helen Wombacher 93.42; Ralph Holtclas 93.32; Clifford Middleton 92.17; Joe Thompson 92.15; Howard Critchfield 91.71; Charles Ward 91.35; Adele Cane 91.32; Myrtle Eskew, 91.07; Dale Clark 91.07; Ethel Robinson 90.36; and Clifford Virak 90.03.


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