Naples, Idaho

Naples, Idaho

A community in Boundary County, Idaho

by Frank Florea

The following stories are taken from the "History of Boundary County," Idaho published by the Boundary County Historical Society in 1987.

**1924 did the orchards up. There was a big orchard at Naples by Vi Wyman's, Kootenai Orchards, and they put in a lot of orchards there and we had a fall here that just stayed warm. It never knocked the leaves off the trees.

I was sawing logs, another guy and I, at Caribou, there the other side of Snow Creek. We had a contract to cut some logs and we had a team to skid 'em with. We had to get some hay so I went down to Myrtle Creek to get some they had for sale there.

It was raining, just a nice steady rain and I only had a light jacket on. Pretty soon icicles began to form out from under that shed and then it started to snow. I didn't have much hay, 800-1000 pounds, and I thought I better get out of there. I started back with a wagon with steel tires, you know, and a hay rack and the snow and mud would freeze to them and go up and hit that hay rack and slide and I'd have to knock 'em off and I like to froze to death before I got back up to Snow Creek. It was up around 40 degrees when it was raining and it went down to 30 degrees below in a little over on hour.

All the sap was in the trees then because we hadn't had a killing frost yet. When it turned that cold all that sap just busted them and split those trees and that's what killed all the trees. South of town there must have been 30-40 acres in there and it killed every one of those trees. That happened the 24th day of October. I remember that. From then on we had winter, but up until then, we hadn't had any Frank Florea

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