Sloop, Jacob A of Porthill


          Jacob A. Sloop,. The worthy and faithful labors, the upright and commendable life, the stanch and stable character, and the untarnished reputation and excellent standing of the gentleman whose name in itiates this paragraph entitles him to an especial representation in the volume which chronicles the history of his county/

          In giving an epitome of his career, we note first that he was born in Schuyler county, Missouri, on April 1, 1845, the son of Nicholas and Elizabeth (Stofer) Sloop, natives of Switzerland. They came to the United States in 1837, settling first in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Two years were spent there in honest labor at the wagonmaker's trade and then they came to Marion county, Missouri. In that place he wrought at his trade and also did farming. Four years later, the family went to Schuyler county, Missouri, and there our subject was born, as stated above. The father continued at his trade and farming until his death in 1861. After that the mother remained a time in Schuyler county and then removed to Kansas in 1876, and the year following passed to the world beyond. Jacob was educated in the country schools of his native county and labored with his parents until he had reached his majority. At that important age he and his brother built a combined flour and saw mill and operated the plant for twenty years. When that long period had elapsed, Mr. Sloop sold his mill and went to Queen City, Missouri, and took up general merchandising for two years.

          In 1892 he came west, and after due de- liberation he located in Kootenai county, near where Porthill is now situated. He helped build a diking machine for a company diking the river on the Canadian side and for four years he wrought for that company. Then he took a squatter's right on unsurveyed land, which later proved to be railroad land. He bought it and has taken a homestead and bought since that time until he has a fine estate of four hundred acres and more. He handles considerable to hay and pasture, raising forty and more cattle each year, while also a portion of the land is devoted to general farming and fruit raising. Mr. Sloop has some fine trees and his place is one of value and is handled in a commendable.

           In 1871 Mr. Sloop married Miss Louise, daughter of Peter and Louise (Piper) Klein, natives of Ger many. They came to this country in 1826, located in Pennsylvania, where they were married, and then went to Schuyler county, Missouri, where the father is still living, aged ninety years. To Mr. and Mrs. Sloop there were four children born, Clara V., wife of C. D. Black, in Kootenai valley; Daisy V., wife of Joseph Anderson, living near Porthill ; Iva V., wife of Charles Olds, in the valley ; Ruby V., single and living with her father. Mr. Sloop is a member of the I. O. O. F., at Porthill. He is a member of the Lutheran church and is a man who stands well among his neighbors and is reliable and upright. Mrs. Sloop died at Porthill, April 20, 1898.


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