Marion Guthrie

          Among those who have opened the way into the wilderness of nature in the Kootenai valley portion of our county, we are constrained to mention the estimable and industrious young man whose name is at the head of this article. He dwells adjacent to the village of Copeland, where he is improving a piece of land which he has taken with his homestead right from the government.

          Marion Guthrie was born in Tama county, Iowa, on February 17, 1870, being the son of R. J. and Eliza J. (Poland) Guthrie, natives of Ohio and Virginia, respectively. The mother came to Ohio when young, Thence  they went to Montana, where they dwelt for sixteen years and in 1899  they came to the  Kootenai valley, where they now reside being with their son, the subject of this article. Marion received the beginning of his education in Iowa. He has always remained with his parents, being thus far in his career content to quietly follow the celebatarian’s life, rather than venture on the matrimonial sea. He does considerable traveling in the course of his labors, having been twice to Oregon in the last year. Upon coming to the valley, Mr. Guthrie took land which later proved to be an Indian allotment, and then he took the land where he now resides adjoining the town of Copeland. In addition to this, he and his brother have bargained for four hundred acres of railroad land. Mr. Guthrie. has four brothers and one sister, M. J., living in Union, Oregon ; John W., living in Montana; Emma B., wife of Perry Tefft, of Boulder, Montana; Henry, living in Copeland : Chancy E., in Copeland. Mr. Guthrie takes an active interest in the questions of the day and is allied with the Democrats in political matters.”


– Page 841 “An Illustrated History of Northern Idaho, Embracing Nez Perce, Idaho, Latah, Kootenai and Shoshone Counties, Western Historical Publishing Company, 1903 “