2016 June News

Vital Records   

This month we restored the Vital records section that was lost in the folders over the years, which includes pages of extracted county registers and more, done by Ellie Grover, Oma Sanders and the team at the Bonners Ferry Family History Center back in the late 1990's and eary 2000's.

   This restored section includes 17 pages of extracted data from births, marriages, deaths, naturalizations and more. LINK



We had bad obituary links on our cemetery pages that pointed to the now defunt news website "KVPress.com"

We started adding some new obituaries to fix those links:

22 this month, see list below:


So far, we have repaired the cemetery page links for all the small cemeteries and Grandview Cemetery up to R surnames.

Still to do, are the links at Grandview,, Sa Surnames to Z and the "Unknown Grave Locations page",

Any volunteers?


New Obituary Index

Adding new obituaries led to the creation of a new obituary index page to list obituaries as they are added LINK

Also, we started adding some pages with lists of links to offsite obituaries - we will include a list of these pages at the top of the new obituary page LINK

Added page of links to offsite obituaries for 2012 LINK

Added list of Bonners Ferry Herald obituaries for 2008 LINK


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